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  • Pre-coating filter


    This technology allows a continuous solid / liquid separation. The pre-coating filter is meant for machining such as honing, grinding (standard or CBN), cutting, boring, rolling, fine finish and so on
    A pre-coating filter consists of stainless steel cylinders, braid shaped (FLEX-TUB) which constitutes the filtering elements. The flow to be treated ranges from 1 to 2 m³/h per m² of filtering surface which depends on the viscosity of the liquid to be filtered and the impurities rate. The working load before clogging ranges from 1 to 2 kg of sludge per m², depending on the impurities nature.



    - Unit filter flow capacity: 1- 400(m3/h) ; several filters can be connected in parallel
    - Filtration accuracy: 1-10


    - Filtration threshold.
    - Fully automatic cleaning.
    - Reduced maintenance.
    - Fully automatic units.

    Optional products

    - Pre-separating system such as dredge and magnetic separator could be option in order to reduce the filtering powder consumption:
    - Automatic powder dosing system.

    - Automatic sludge treatment by briquetting and drying system