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  • Pressure belt filter


    - Application for the majority of mechanical processing, widely used in automobiles, machine tools, motors, bearing industry and other mechanical processing, large-scale industries such as compressors.
    - It is suitable for the filtration of the rolling fluid of the steel plant.


    - Fine filter and can be controlled, achieve the required accuracy (15-80um) by selected different filter belt.
    - Flow range of application (15-1500m3 / h).

    - Be equipped with de-oiling, oxygen increasing, bottom washing, chain washing, pressure regulator, holiday cycle function in order to greatly extended the life time of emulsion, thereby reducing emissions for the environment protection.

    - High-quality, clean coolant can improve the quality of the work piece to reduce the rejection rate and extend the life time of knife and grinding tool.

    - In the holiday cycle and the replacement of coolant, the vacuum chamber can be automatically clean.

    - The heat exchanger system ensures the coolant output temperature constant at the set temperature in order to ensure precision machining accuracy.

    - Filtration system is controlled by PLC. Four modes: automatic, semi-automatic, manual, holiday cycle. It’s safe and reliable operation.

    - If DU series filter is equipped with dredge, it can improve the filtration accuracy, while reducing the consumption of filter media.


    - Underground: through underground pipelines or flumes flow to the filtration system.
    - Ground-type: each machine coolant through the underground pipeline or flumes flow to the pit, pump to the filtration system; set up one water tank and one recovery pump for each machine, and then pump to filtration system.