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  • Vacuum filter

    This technology can continuously separate solid particles from the liquid. The vacuum filter is meant for filtration using conventional machining such as turning, cutting, milling and grinding.
    All the vacuum filters include manufactured tanks which recover the whole liquid in circulation. The filtration is achieved using a media (paper or endless belt). In the case of an endless belt, the media is washed during each regeneration cycle by means of a network or specific pumps.


    - Flow capacity: 80-1800(m3/h) for unit filter; several filters can be connected in parallel
    - Filtration accuracy: 30-80

    - Important filtering flow in a reduced space.
    - Fully automatic working.
    - Reduced maintenance.
    - No use of paper if an endless belt is used.

    Optional products
    - A pre-separating system is used in order to reduce the filtering paper consumption or the wear and tear of the belt 
    - Chips treatment: centrifugal wringer or briquetting systems
    - Automatic filling up
    - De-oiling

    - Automatic sludge press