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  • Backwashing Cartridge filter


    This system allows a continuous liquid / solid separation.
    The cartridges filters are designed for filtration installation concerning rolling mills and grinding machines, classical rectification or CBN, cutting, drilling, grinding, perfect finish and so on.
    The filters are made up of cartridges with an obtained flow of around 11/min. per cartridge depending on the viscosity of the liquid to be treated and the concentration of the impurities to be filtered. These specific filters have been dedicated up until now to rolling mills but are also used to replace pre-coating filters.
    We have modified these filters to integrate them into a more supple process compared to the rolling mills. They maintain the same quality of filtration and standards in terms of flow, type of machining and of type of coolant. However, the advantages are considerable in terms of security and health. There is no direct handling of toxic powder and maintenance and follow up are greatly reduced. (replacement of cartridges every 2 years in the most rare and unfavourable of cases); we can also speak of exploitation costs, pre-coating filters consume a lot of additives that can be quite costly.



    - Filtration threshold.
    - Fully automatic cleaning.
    - Reduced maintenance.
    - Fully automatic units.

    Optional products

    - Pre-separating system in order to reduce the filtering powder consumption
    - Dredge. 
    - Chain type magnetic separator .
    - Automatic sludge processing system.
    - Automatic filling up.
    - Temperature regulation.
    - Safety filters.
    - Network piping.
    - Recovery stations.